Connect&GO launches immersive, interactive wristband for attractions

Available in various formats including a wristband and a medallion, MPX™ transforms the visitor’s experience with a unique wristband using vibration and LED lights, controlled via Bluetooth. With water resistance and a battery life lasting over 2 days, it is the most advanced technology to create a memorable immersive experience, a live interaction with visitors, in addition to simplifying all operations, both at customer level and for operators.

Available for rental and sale, the MPX wristband can be offered to all park visitors or provided as a premium offer. Rechargeable, accessible and sustainable, it is a real new income generator for attractions.

From contactless access control, to facilitating secure cashless purchases, sending push notifications or triggering events based on customer location, the MPX technology sets a new standard for the attractions and entertainment industry that connects permanently the visitor’s unique digital identity to an intelligent ecosystem through our virtual wallet.

In addition to its numerous operational features, the MPX wristband can transform the visitor’s experience by synchronizing the music and the vibration of the wristband for example, or by signalling the presence of an object during a scavenger hunt by increasing the speed of vibration and light as the visitor approaches the clue. The possibilities are endless: both for events and attractions.

“Imagine an electric music festival where all participants see their wristband light up and vibrate to the sound of music ” says Anthony Palermo, co-founder of Connect&GO.

MPX makes it possible to add limited time for each visitor to access a site by making the wristband vibrate and change colors when the time is up, letting them know that it’s time to leave. It’s a simple and secure way to manage capacity and optimize access. The wristband also offers the option of virtual queue management. Is it your turn to ride the Ferris wheel? The wristband will start to vibrate a few minutes before!

“Each year we were receiving dozens of requests from family parks wishing to optimize their access management, which often simply uses an archaic paper wristbands system of different colours which is inefficient and requires significant management for park operators. With the MPX™ wristband, attractions can now optimize capacity management and offer new dynamic packages by the hour with simple management, ” said Marc-André Dubé, product manager.

All analyses are saved in the dashboard and activity reports can be retrieved at any time, allowing managers to see which attractions are the most popular and which visitor is attracted by which activity. In fact, the MPX wristband collects information on the customer’s journey in real time and provides valuable data to inform fleet operations and marketing.

Easily integrated with the attraction’s mobile application, the MPX wristband can send personalized messages based on the precise geolocation of the wristband. For example, when a visitor approaches a restaurant, it is possible to share a targeted promotion for a coffee break. It is also possible to adapt the visual of the environment based on the visitor’s preferences.

In addition to the various light and vibration features unique to the object, the MPX wristband is fully integrated into the Connect & GO Konnect ecosystem. It enables contactless access control, cashless payment, souvenir photos, videos and more.

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