Connect&GO announces the launch of Play&GO platform

A solution to creating “virtual rides”, Play&GO is an experiential platform that enables an amusement park to offer fully customizable experiences that encourage exploration, education and play. Using a smart wristband, visitors will be able to play games, live experiences and create accessible memories before, during and after their visit – increasing engagement and loyalty in addition to generating new income.

After creating their profile, visitors will be invited to complete various missions such as a scavenger hunt aimed at finding endangered animals for a Zoo or interactive quizzes that challenge parents and children.

Highly flexible, the Play&GO system also allows operators to transform standard activities into a real video game. Simply adding two scanners and a screen to a climbing wall means an operator can display an interactive scoreboard, thus gamifying the attraction. The player can view their results, obtain points and badges and see the scoreboard and much more on their personalized portal.

“More than ever, visitors are looking to connect and interact in a unique way. The challenge is to create an environment where these connections are seamless and frictionless to the visitor before, during and after their experience. This is what Play&GO offers,” said Dominic Gagnon, president of Connect&GO.

In addition to increasing visitor loyalty and engagement, deploying Play&GO experiences can be a new revenue stream for an attraction. The experiences can be included in the ticket price or be monetized as additional exclusive experiences. The automated memory generation system also enables new revenue to be generated through the sale of exclusive and personalized videos and souvenir photos. In addition, the visitor will be able tocome home with a souvenir wristband.

“After the pandemic, our customers told us that it would be difficult for them to invest large sums in the development of new physical attractions. With Play&GO, it is possible to easily boost your offer of low-cost activities and develop new possibilities for customers.”

The Play&GO platform will be deployed this summer at various attractions including the Granby Zoo, the Super Aqua Club and Kongeparken Park in Norway.

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