Clip ‘n Climb to launch Ascendor challenge

A leader in the fun climbing industry, Clip ‘n Climb is a new exiting challenge to its product range.

Clip ‘n Climb’s Ascendor will be the newest addition to a product range of over 40 unique Challenges. This three-dimensional ladder is particularly appealing to beginners and young children due its colourful aesthetics and accessible climb.

Ascendor is a dual challenge with two different climbing levels – on one side the steps are closer to each other and the other further away. This aspect makes it a great Challenge for families.

The small footprint area makes Ascendor a Challenge that can easily be installed in existing centres who are looking to add something new or small centres looking to maximise the space.

Due to its small size and the possibility to have two climbers at the same time the Challenge also has a great price quality ratio.

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