Clip ‘n Climb shares results from global COVID-19 survey

Market-leading recreational climbing specialist Clip ‘n Climb launched a global survey three weeks ago to leisure facility visitors all over the world. The objective was to test feasible solutions to prepare for the re-opening phase and adjust if needed.

Family entertainment centres and experts from the leisure industry all agree: reopening can only happen when circumstances allow and the right measures can be implemented.

To this date, Clip ‘n Climb has collected over 700 answers from all over the world to give operators insights on what guests expect.

The respondents were made up of people coming with family (78%); with friends (42%); as a chaperone (9%); on their own (6%) or doing team-building activities (5%).

The top five activities loved by the respondents are fun climbing, trampoline,  waterpark, bowling, and ziplines, which means that the whole leisure industry will be able to benefit from insights gained in the survey.

In general, respondents stated a high interest in a limited capacity within the arena and social distancing (82% and 79%), followed by online booking and contactless payment options. Wearing gloves, a mask, or having a tracking app would not encourage guests to come back to the facilities. We noted that the use of masks was preferred more often in France and Spain, while gloves were not considered relevant in any country.

The full report can be requested here, covering when visitors are planning on coming back, whether having a designated area or timeslots would bother your visitors, and best practices they would like their entertainment facilities to adopt.

The survey remains open for visitors to answer, and Clip ‘n Climb as decided to deliver results quickly as the situation is rapidly evolving and some processes are already engaged in specific countries. Updates will be made if necessary.

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