Climb Korea Co aims for RCI distributor title

(From left to right) Climb Korea Head of International Business, Daysik Woo, RCI Director of International Sales, Dan Mooney, Climb Korea Technical and Sales Manager, Jimun Jeong, RCI Chief Sales Officer, Jon Weston and CEO JP Hong.

Via its international division, Ropes Courses Incorporated (RCI) has increasingly been in communication with a growing group of qualified individuals from companies in regions around the world.

One of the selected entities currently in the trial period required of prospective distributors is Climb Korea Co. Based out of Paju, South Korea, Climb Korea Co, has years of experience in the realm of artificial climbing walls both for competitive purposes and general leisure.

Originally established in the 1990s and located in the province of Gyeonggi-do, Climb Korea Co has an admirable history with regard to the development of climbing wall structures. Over the years, the veteran climbing manufacturer has constructed impressive climbing structures that consist of a variety of durable materials like Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) as well as hosted many sport climbing competitions.

Climb Korea’s long list of awarded patents for the design of its climbing wall panels, specific climbing holds for the walls themselves and training equipment has earned it well-deserved recognition amongst its customers in local government and within the sports and adventure facility industry.

“Our extensive experience in the construction of artificial climbing walls and knowledge of the various materials used to produce them for customers has allowed us to grow within the climbing industry,” explained Jimun Jeong, Technical and Sales Manager for Climb Korea Co. “We already have a few indoor and outdoor adventure parks interested in RCI products, so we’re excited for the future and the process of becoming an RCI distributor.”

Climb Korea Co is currently a distributor and service centre for Vertical Trek Innovations, a maker of Continuous Belay systems and associated hardware, and Head Rush Technologies, who RCI is also a distributor of Climb Korea Co, first contacted RCI about becoming a distributor in July of 2018 and visited RCI’s offices in the United States twice with RCI’s Director of International Sales, Dan Mooney, visiting the South Korea office as well.

“To become an RCI Authorized Distributor, you must adhere to high standards that have been put in place,” said Jon Weston, Chief Sales Officer for RCI, who first met Climb Korea at the 2018 IAAPA Asia show in Hong Kong. “Though Climb Korea Co is still in the trial period, they have already exhibited the qualities necessary to become a successful RCI distributor.”

Climb Korea Co and RCI currently have one project planned for 2019.

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