Classic arcade games at new dedicated venue

A dedicated venue for classic arcade games has come come to the UK town of Hull.

Arcade Hub, located on Caroline Street, features dozens of retro games including Sega Rally, Space Invaders and a variety of pinball machines and is the brainchild of long-time gaming enthusiast Lee Playle. The new arcade means gaming enthusiasts can try their hand at a number of long-time favourite arcade games.

Playle, a full time forklift driver, opened the venue with his partner, Kristina Roberts, and aims to turn it into a must-visit destination for the city’s keen gamers, as well as for families and groups of students.

He told Hull Live: I’ve always been into collecting games and consoles and playing them really. I found myself with a good job and collecting games and keeping stuff in good condition. I always wanted to open my own arcade but I’d not been in the financial position to do it.

“I’ve got enough space to put what I’ve got in it and a bit spare to add stuff into. If it goes massive, I can move somewhere else. I’ll fill this place up in a year.”

While the Arcade Hub already has plenty of retro games the plan is to bring in more in the coming year, as well as to start selling hot food on site.


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