China’s first VR-only park makes debut

Virtual reality’s impact continues to be felt throughout the international FEC industry with a VR-only theme park opening in Guizhou Province, China.

VR innovation is the name of the game at Oriental Science Fiction Valley, which features a 53m tall Transformer – one of a number of sci-fi landmarks around the park – and over 30 other games and attractions to take part in.

Via a YouTube interview with Chen Jianli, park CEO, it was revealed that VR’s competitive edge was the driving force behind the project. A sci-fi theme runs throughout the park, where VR rides and traditional attractions intermingle, too. Jianli hopes that the park will help the general public have a better understanding of the applications of the immersive industry and how VR and AR can do for them – regardless of their level of familiarity.

Oriental Science Fiction Valley opened on 29 April.

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