Chicago’s Navy Pier introduces Virtual Rush: Chicago

Pulseworks, a designer of interactive motion attractions, has teamed up with Pier Park on Chicago’s Navy Pier to create Virtual Rush: Chicago, a 4D VR adventure that offers riders a virtual voyage over a futuristic Chicago city-scape.

Located next to the Centennial Wheel, guests take their seats on one of the Pulseworks VR Transporter motion platforms, don VR head-mounted displays, and launch into a fantastical Chicago. Riders can look in any direction whilst the dynamic motion platforms and 4D effects add a sense of realism, marrying visuals with cognitive inputs.

Virtual Rush: Chicago is also an interactive game where patrons can compete with one another for the highest score. Newly developed Look Targeting technology allows riders’ head movement to be translated into the game, making it possible for them to collect artefacts and trigger scenic changes for points.

During the five-minute flight, riders will be able to soar past famous Chicago landmarks such as the Navy Pier, Centennial Wheel, the Chicago River and Grant Park.

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