Cesys launches plug-and-play motorcycle sim for FECs

Cesys, the creator of interactive driving simulators for the entertainment and attractions market, has unveiled the Cesys Motorbike Sim Lite, a high-throughput, immersive biking experience for family entertainment centres (FECs) and theme parks.

With up to eight realistic MotoGP bike mock-ups that can run simultaneously, the Motorbike Sim Lite offers a combination of passive and rider-operated interactions for unparalleled excitement and realism. Pricing starts at 18,500 Euros per unit, with a range of visual system options quoted separately.

The Sim Lite draws on the high-end professional-level technology of Cesys’ premium Motorbike Simulator, offering spectacular entertainment but at a much lower price point and with no installation costs or third-party certification requirements, such as TUV. The Cesys platform manager software is compatible with third-party gaming software such as the MotoGPTM videogame.

Each bike incorporates an authentic mechanism for leaning the machine while a handlebar force feedback system accurately simulates motorbike handling. Riders can operate the throttle, clutch, gears and hand and foot brakes, and a lifelike soundscape precisely replicates RPM (revolutions per minute). Visual options include single or multi-screen displays or projections and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

“We receive a lot of requests for motorbike simulators, but people want an affordable plug-and-play solution,” said Cesys general manager, Reinder Holtkamp. “With the Cesys Motorbike Sim Lite we’ve stripped out everything that was superfluous or too complex for many FECs and increased the number of seats. What you’re left with is an experience that gives you all the thrills and spills of MotoGP racing in a safe way. When devising the Motorbike Sim Lite, we identified a gap in the market, between high end solutions and arcade gaming rooms, and it is into this space that this product sits.”

Requiring no floor mounting, the Cesys Motorbike Sim Lite is 230VAC rated. An eight-bike experience requires approximately 20 m2 floor area.

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