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Sacoa to showcase products at SEA 2020

Sacoa, a worldwide leader in cashless payment systems, will be showcasing its latest products at the upcoming Saudi Entertainment and Amusement 2020 Expo. The show will be held on February from the 3rd to the 5th , at the Riyadh…

New offerings from Bob’s Space Racers

Provider of arcade games and attractions Bob’s Space Racers has recently launched a number of new games. Firstly, designed and priced for bigger arcades looking for significant sources of revenue,  Whopper Water FEC is an attendant free…

Animal Party walks on the wild side!

Animal Party is a new two-person, animal-themed bingo game from Harry Levy. Players use skill and luck to light up as many of the red, green and blue lanes as they can, earning tickets and building bonuses.

The Storm is coming!

Following its iconic predecessors, the Typhoon and the Mad Wave Theater, both best-selling coin-op simulators that still populate most FECs and arcades around the world, Triotech is now launching the Storm. A unique interactive VR coin-op…