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Slice of the action

Growing out of the arcade boom in the seventies and eighties, John's Incredible Pizza Company has gradually reinvented itself as a family entertainment centre with strong links to its local communities and, of course, great pizza. Kathy…

Could it be magic?

Timbalaya, is looking to brings its back-storied brand of woodland shenanigans to a number of attractions by 2020 and has ambitious plans for around 16 openings over the next five years

Centre of Attention: 360Play

UK FEC chain 360Play has just opened its sixth centre in Farnborough, following the firm’s same carefully constructed and successful play formula.

The wild ones

Norfolk’s unique outdoor park Bewilderwood, offers families an enhanced play experience in a woodland setting, themed around a series of successful children’s books. Ronnie Dungan spoke to founder and author Tom Blofeld to find out more…

Full of beams

Laser Maze creator, Funovation is celebrating ten years in the business this year, Ronnie Dungan caught up with the firm’s chief operating officer for a brief history lesson, a look to the future and some party planning….

The Hills are alive

Pleasurewood Hills has had a turbulent time and many different owners in its 34-year history. Now owned by the French Looping Group and with a new manager in place, it is embracing new indoor attractions in a bid to become a less seasonal…

Innovative Leisure hits the heights

Climbing walls and high ropes specialist, Innovative Leisure, is continuing to develop its range of products and increasing its reach into new parts of the attractions market. Managing director, Phil Pickersgill, talked to GAP about how the…

FEATURE: Eyes down for a full house

As entertainment centres aim to keep both kids and adults happy, including those that don’t fancy or perhaps aren’t up to scrambling round a play tower, Chris Shipley from Leisure Electronics argues the case for bingo…

Whitewater’s No Boundaries

Whitewater West’s all in one compact play attraction, No Boundaries, offers a customised solution for park and play centres needing an eye-catching. low maintenance, attraction. Ronnie Dungan spoke to the firm to find out how it works...

FEATURE: Simulators

GAP looks at recent developments in the world of simulators, where VR is making a major splash and interactivity is everything. Jon Bruford reports…


Austrian attractions specialist Sunkid offers a wide range of outdoor entertainment solutions from applications for customer transport, rides, and activity towers for younger users, with more than 7,000 installations worldwide. Ronnie…

Bumper issues

Our US correspondent, Sharon Harris, ponders the popularity of the humble pinball machine in the current world of virtual reality, 3D and fast-paced multi-player online games….

FEATURE: Changing lanes

Developing technology, more flexibility in set-up, theming and licensing are all contributing to a broadening of the bowling market beyond its traditional image. Ronnie Dungan finds out what is driving these changes….