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A soaring success!

Big Bounce Presents is one company looking to capture that feeling – but rejuvenated with a modern twist and a fresh, rotating concept. And it’s one that’s already taking America by storm. Hannah Hart reports.

The Crystal Maze’s live action craze

From a TV show that took the UK by storm in the 90s (and again more recently) to an all-out interactive experience – The Crystal Maze has proved that it is totally possible to transform an onscreen franchise into a modern day-out for all…

Light the way!

Sparky’s is a Saudi Arabian indoor play experience with a dare to be different. Since its founding the chain has refuted the view that the days of the shopping mall FEC are numbered, prioritising a pioneering approach to traditional family…

Make believe made real

Every child dreams of being someone important and doing big things. Xavier López Ancona opened the first KidZania facility in Santa Fe, Mexico City in September 1999 as ‘La Ciudad de los Niños’ (City of the Children), with the idea of…

Bowled over

Bowling and entertainment centre Pinstack won FEC of the Year at the Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas in March. Kathy Archer reports