Buffalo RiverWorks open new kid-friendly high ropes courses

Located on the banks of the Buffalo River, RiverWorks is one of the city’s premier waterfront, boating, sports, music and entertainment destinations. The complex is a popular destination for a host of activities, and two new high ropes courses have recently been added to the mix.

“We were in a meeting with ownership discussing the possibilities of adding a ninja warrior style course which took participants up in the air,” said Matt Prime, Director of Recreation at RiverWorks. “I mentioned to the owner it sounded more like a ropes course than a ninja course, and a couple of pictures later the idea was set and planning started.”

The biggest challenge in realising the project was the limited time frame – Prime’s team approached Treetop Trekking USA, who executed the concept, design and installation, and Kanopeo, who delivered the Speedrunner CBS.

“We came up with the idea in February and wanted it open by Memorial Day. We put a hard deadline in and Treetop Trekking made it happen. From conception to opening was just under 4 months. The crew at Treetop Trekking USA is simply the best,” Prime declared.

The Ropes Courses are under a pavilion-style roof above the ice rink area of RiverWorks, and not fully enclosed. This creates an outdoor feel with the bonus of being able to operate on rainy days. The lower course is a great introductory experience while the higher course is more challenging, and with ten elements on each course, there’s plenty of adrenaline-filled adventure. Both courses are specifically designed for kids 7 years and up.

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