Boxblaster VR installs second attraction in Big Air Trampoline Park

Boxblaster, a Miami-based VR Entertainment Network with a 4-player virtual reality attraction, is pleased to report that it is expanding into its second franchise location of Big Air Trampoline Parks, a chain of family entertainment facilities featuring trampoline-related activities, as well as other unique offerings. In the second location, Boxblaster was brought in at the owner’s request to replace an Exit Reality VR attraction and upgrade the location to the company’s virtual reality platform.

Boxblaster had previously installed its VR attraction in the Big Air Trampoline Park location in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in January. The location’s owner Dustin Pelletier had such a positive reaction to Boxblaster’s performance, the family-friendly suite of games, and the company’s responsive service, that he contacted the Boxblaster team as a return customer. 

“We were really impressed with content, performance, support, and operations of the Boxblaster VR attraction,” Dustin said. “It was an obvious choice for us to replace our Exit Reality attraction and upgrade our Missouri location to Boxblaster’s content and operating system. 

Boxblaster’s games are designed for compact 15’ X 15’ spaces and can be adapted to work in other VR provider’s attractions, which made the upgrade seamless. Boxblaster offers a catalogue of games designed for kids and family-focused entertainment locations like trampoline parks. From the kid-friendly casual game “Dino Rush”, to the recent hit, Mideaval smash-fest, “Gold and Mace”, to eye-popping. otherworldly shooters like “Arcania” and “Eclipse”, and the recently released player-vs-player “Cyberblast VR”, there’s something for everyone.

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