Boxblaster announces cutting edge VR hardware upgrade

Miami-based company, Boxblaster, has announced the first hardware upgrade for customers of its 4-player VR arena to ensure that that its offering is on the leading edge of virtual reality technology.

The Boxblaster upgrade will see all attractions updated from Vive Pro to Valve Index head-mounted displays, for dramatically improved visuals. About the Index, PC Gamer recently noted, “At present, it’s the best VR headset on the market, with best-in-class display resolution and refresh rate.”

“Boxblaster is honoring our promise to our operator partners that they will always receive the most high-end, high-performance hardware at no additional charge”, noted Boxblaster president Vladimir Avdeev. “It is mission-critical to us that our customers can deliver – and their guests can always enjoy – the world’s greatest VR experiences, with the best possible graphics and next-generation technology.”

Boxblaster offers the 4 player VR attraction is half the upfront cost of comparable VR solutions. The company establishes long-term partnerships with operators in an arrangement that includes revenue and delivers hardware updates at least every 24 months, a commitment to delivering 4+ games/major upgrades per year, and full operational support.

Boxblaster’s recently released game “Gold and Mace” is a furious medieval-themed arcade game designed to be fun for everyone. All 5 of the Boxblaster’s games currently available are built for high repeat play value. The turnkey 225 square foot Boxblaster arena features custom design, that ensures it will stand out and attract attention on-location.

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