Bowlski’s to open new location at Flagstaff Mall, Arizona

Bowlski’s will open at Flagstaff Mall as part of the mall’s continued transition to a multi-dimensional setting for social gatherings. Bowlski’s, which will offer bowling and other types of entertainment as well as food and drink, is set to become a dynamic hub for the Flagstaff community. In charge of Bowlski’s are Craig and Jennifer Spivey, who are avid bowlers and experienced entrepreneurs with other locations in Texas and Colorado.

Mall environments increasingly include venues for family and communal entertainment, and Flagstaff Mall is making it a priority to stay on top of these developments. Bowlski’s will give patrons the opportunity to socialize in an indoor and outdoor environment. Besides bowling, the complex will provide other entertainment options, such as bocce ball, arcade games, and billiards. On the menu, visitors can expect drinks and such food items as buffalo chicken bites, nachos, fried pickles, and various pizzas and burgers.

“Bowlski’s emerged as the perfect operator to address the needs and expectations of the surrounding community as well as the greater Flagstaff area,” said Kirk Williams, Managing Director of Cypress Equities, the developer behind the shopping center’s transformation. He added: “The Spivey’s will bring their entertainment experience to Flagstaff. We could not be more excited to have Bowlski’s as a significant component to our offering.”

“We are excited about this new opportunity to showcase all that Bowlski’s has to offer the Flagstaff area,” said Craig Spivey.

Bowlski’s is set to open late this summer.

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