BoldMove introduces new variations on Smash & Reload 

BoldMove has released the latest addition to the Smash & Reload family of compact and media-based dark rides: the XXL.

With an 800 persons per hour throughput on a footprint of less than 600sqM, the new XXL Smash & Reload aims to provide entertainment for large crowds. Designed with the same concern for budget, space and maintenance efficiency, the XXL will fit most existing buildings while providing a top-notch gameplay for the entire family.

Smash & Reload features easy gameplay, smart technologies and an engaging IP, and already has two compact models: the original version to fit an existing venue of 225 sqM and the XXS version to create an iconic attraction in an open environment on a footprint of 144sqM.

With the addition of the new XXL, BoldMove hopes to offer a solutions for FECs, regional parks, retail and leisure venues, up to zoos and larger theme parks.

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