BoldMove develops new Sing & Rise karaoke version

Building on the Smash & Reload dark ride platform and double-action concept, BoldMove has developed a fun karaoke version where a team can rise to superstar status with fun coaching.

Participants start out in a garage for tuning and ‘sound checks’, moving all the way up to glory in an international Eurovision-style setting with impressive sound and lighting, and cheering audiences. They get inspired by their idols and favourite singers, climbing the steps of success from humble start to global fame – at least within the ride, which also works with a high score setting and Hall of Fame. Vehicles are shaped as mini-stages with old-fashioned looking microphones and accommodate two times three players.

The gameplay is based on proven technology similar to Guitar Hero, with high-tech projection, sound and light technology by BoldMove partners. Outside leaderboards show the fun and action to outside spectators with special effects. Get crazy, it’s showtime!

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