Bob’s Space Racers unveils Hang Time

This hot new offering is a time hanging came, and comes in standard modes with adjustable play options and game modes. BSR has taken the classic hanging game and upgraded all aspects:
  • Available in both Single and Double Model Types.
  • Three different versions for both the Single and Double Models: Basic Game, Deluxe Game, and Deluxe Game with Large Marquee
  • Motor controlled bar height.
  • No steps required! The bar will lift the customer off the floor.
  • Built-in sensors control bar height and stop the digital timer automatically.
  • Safety measures to protect the customer.
  • Electronically controlled sounds and spiels to draw the customers to the game.
  • Operator and Customer “Easy-Play” features.
  • Built in accounting system to track players and revenue.
  • Low maintenance with easy access components.
  • The Two Player Model has a competitive play feature, whereas you’re not competing against the clock, but trying to hold on longer than the other player! This adds a whole NEW dynamic to the game!

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