Bob’s Space Racers manufactures hand sanitiser stations

With the aim of ensuring the safety of every individual, worldwide provider of amusement games Bob’s Space Racers (BSR) has developed and manufactured the “Hands-Free” Sanitiser Station.

BSR, located in Holly Hill, Florida, USA, has been in business for 50 years and is most commonly known for developing and manufacturing amusement games for the entertainment industry for customers throughout the world. Popular games include Whac-A-Mole, Roll-A-Ball, and Water Race Games.

The “Hands-Free” Sanitiser Station is all mechanical and activated by a foot-pedal. It does not require batteries, electricity, or sensors, allowing it to be portable and able to be placed anywhere there is a need for it. The sanitising station solution output can be easily controlled and adjusted to allow for the perfect amount of hand sanitiser for customers or guests, and it is built with durable and maintenance-free components that will allow it to stand up to continuous use and make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.

The “Hands-Free” Sanitiser Station can also feature custom graphics with an operator’s branding or advertising message. The unit can also be fitted with promotional accessories such as bags and/or brochure holders. All customisation can be completed in-house at BSR, from the artwork to the optional build-out.

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