BNA’s Red Zone Rush continues to score touchdowns post-season

Among Bandai Namco Amusement’s product offering at this year’s Amusement Expo, one game in particular is proving a standout hit. Not to be mistaken as a solely seasonal game, Red Zone Rush remains prominent in the arcade after strong and consistent earnings both peri- and post-season. With a wide demographic, the objective of the game is clear, the content is strong, and it benefits from the high profile of its NFLPA license. 

A brief ‘play-by-play’ can be found here.

Also on display at AEI in New Orleans is the first US debut of TKM’s Ball Madness which is expected to create quite a buzz at the stand. Accompanied by Pac-Man licensed favourites, Mario Kart Arcade GP Dx and more, the team at BNA reported that it is looking forward to catching up with all customers, current and new.



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