BNAE launches digital amusement machines catalogue

The past months have given Bandai Namco Amusement Europe Ltd. time to reflect, assess and regenerate for a better and brighter future, the company stated in the release announcing its new digital amusement machines catalogue.

“In the year the world stops, progress shouldn’t. With the UK’s new roadmap revealed and underway, we have a clear exit route to freedom. We feel satisfied that the next year is going to be filled with it, beginning with our brand-new interactive catalogue,” said a Bandai Namco spokesperson.

The ‘Amusement Machines 2021 Digital Catalogue’ is live as of today via its host PageSuite, and will be kept fresh and updated, acting upon feedback from customers to maintain the clearest, easiest use possible.

This is the first edition that stores all the information customers will need in one convenient place, including shipping and cabinet measurements to get them sized up for venues. Pages link to informative video content exhibiting each machine on Bandai Namco’s YouTube page, ensuring no hidden surprises upon delivery.

The line-up features high-earning games like Super Bikes 3, Nerf and Rabbids & Ladders, successful coin-op VR hits like Storm, and the latest titles like King Kong of Skull Island.

“We wanted to represent our strong and proven line-up as thoroughly as possible. This is not a temporary solution to the absence of trade shows which has previously warranted a pocket-sized and simplified printed brochure, but Covid-19 has pushed us more forcefully down a path we had consciously decided to walk, which has us permanently digitally enhancing our brand as an addition rather than as a replacement.
We’re looking forward to sharing more developments, but for now please feel free to let us know what you think of Amusement Machines 2021.”

Take a look here.

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