Benoit Cornet launches BoldMove Corporation

Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, known for his role as CEO and founder of Alterface, the market leading creator of interactive technologies and dark rides, has announced the launch of BoldMove Corporation to the entertainment market.  With his team he will be advising theme parks & leisure venues on selecting the best technology for their digital attraction, building it with a dedicated team and guiding them through budgeting and procurement processes. 

Benoit and his team also advise technology vendors and ride manufacturers in applying the most suitable technology for awesome visitor experiences. They support all those rolling out IPs in entertainment or other markets, and corporations looking for the ultimate brand experience. 

BoldMove brings two decades of experience in the field of media-based and interactive attractions, combining a close connection in the research and academic world with a permanent technology watch on the market. This provides a better understanding of emerging technologies such as VR, AR, MR, Multi Agent technologies or Artificial Intelligence, and how these can be applied in a smart way to enhance visitor experiences.

Benoit Cornet, founder and chief creative officer of BoldMove Corporation, explains: “Everyone is currently battling against a worldwide virus that is keeping the entertainment industry in a firm grip. Now is the time to be agile and prepare for the post-crisis era with attractions that are innovative and smart, offering a fast & high return on investment. With BoldMove we are flexible and neutral, and help customers achieve the most efficient, fun and future-proof digital attractions to revive their parks and venues.”


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