BBC and SimEX-Iwerks issue 4D invitation to Africa

BBC Earth’s all-new Africa 4D Experience is set to make its debut, offering viewers a chance to explore the Congo, utilising 3D and special effects to illustrate the beauty and drama of this undiscovered landscape.

A constant battle for territory and survival takes place in the Congo jungles, and the experience showcases the danger lurking in the shadows – from honey-wielding chimpanzees to ninja-like tree frogs, Africa 4D Experience explores the creatures that inhabit the amazingly diverse continent.

“This show gives such an interesting perspective on the Congo and the many animals that live there,” says Mike Frueh, senior vice president, licensing and distribution, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment. “audiences will experience a great time while gaining an appreciation for the wildlife in the Congo.”


Africa 4D Experience is now showing at Phoenix Zoo.

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