Bay Tek’s Piano Keys gets an encore

Bay Tek Games has announced the launch of Piano Keys, a smaller, single-player version of the classic Grand Piano Keys title.

Piano Keys boasts an expanded song repertoire, featuring all the classic tunes from the original game, in a sharply lit cabinet and marquee.

Gameplay is the same as the two-player version. The player has a pre-set amount of time to hit the oversized piano keys that match the coloured square on the monitor, accumulating points as they hit the right keys at the right time! If the wrong note is hit, there is a penalty delay, but you can pick up right where you left off. The faster and more accurate you are, the more tickets you win.

Piano Keys is less than 9 feet tall and under 3 feet wide, making its footprint ideal for most locations. Plus, the marquee can be adjusted to accommodate different ceilings heights for added flexibility. Take off the top portion and the game height is 8 feet 3 inches. Remove the scroll art on top of the logo and the height will be 7 feet 11 inches. Finally, the whole marquee can be removed with only the ring of lights remaining, resulting in the lowest game height option of 7 feet and three-quarter inches.

“We want to make sure we’re offering games that can work in a variety of game rooms. We understand that not all games can be as large as Connect 4 Hoops or as tall as Squiggle,” said Rick Rochetti, director of sales & marketing at Bay Tek.

“We made the marquee adjustable to four different heights to accommodate the needs of our customers,” said Rochetti.

Some of the new songs include Amazing Grace, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Working on the Railroad, London Bridge, and Old McDonald.

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