Bay Tek launches Minions Carnival Chaos

US company Bay Tek Entertainment has launched Minions Carnival Chaos, a new spin on the proven wheel gameplay.

The game invites players to join Kevin, Stuart and Bob as they embark on their journey around the wheel. This beloved IP is popular across all age groups, creating multi-generational appeal to anyone that steps foot into your doors. Players crank the handle to spin the drum. Where it lands determines their winnings. 

“The Minions license is so popular right now and has been since Despicable Me debuted in 2010. There’s also another Minions film being released in July of this year,” said Sammy Harrison, brand manager at Bay Tek. “We wanted to provide our customers with a no-brainer option; a proven gameplay plus the brand awareness and reach of a powerful brand like Minions. And the timing of the movie release was imperative to be able to leverage that upcoming mass marketing push.” 

Maintaining a small footprint, Minions Carnival Chaos includes an eye-catching marquee that incorporates an interactive HD TV. Addressable LEDs line the wheel.

The product has also been designed with maintenance in mind: instead of removing the whole wheel to service, tip back the hinged-wheel housing through the back door – and access the arrow sensor through the front door. Plus, back casters have been added so the game can be tipped back and rolled along the floor whenever it needs to be moved.

 Minions Carnival Chaos is 2’7” wide, 3’7” deep, and 8’2” high. Remove the marquee, and the height is reduced to 6’7” for locations with lower ceilings.

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