Bandai Namco trio training for London Landmarks Half Marathon

Training is underway at Bandai Namco Amusement Europe (BNAE) and Namco UK with just over a month to go before the gruelling London Landmarks Half Marathon (LLHM).

John McKenzie, Managing Director BNAE, John Midgley, Business Account Manager – BNAE and Trevor Sutton, Leisure Equipment Controller – Namco UK will all be tackling the challenge in order to raise money for including Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie.

For John Midgley, this is the fourth endurance event he has participated in for MacMillan Cancer Support since setting himself a challenge last year. He has cycled over 300 miles in September 2018, cycled to Rouen in France, run the Parkrun, then cycled home the following month. Run the Leeds Abbey 10k dash in November before taking on this challenge in March. “Macmillan Cancer Support are here to help you find your best way through from the moment of diagnosis, so you’re able to live life as fully as you can,” he says. “Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far on this journey.”

“Those who know me well enough will be very surprised to learn of my intentions to complete a half marathon,” says Trevor. “Lots of lifestyle changes have been made, including the removal or reduction of a number of vices! Having lost my mother to Cancer whilst in her mid-fifties I am determined to give something back in order to help other individuals or families suffering.  By donating to this worthwhile cause, you will ultimately help me help them and give me the much-needed energy boost to get me through those 13 miles, thanks in advance.”

“This will be my second LLHM and this year I am supporting the Marie Curie charity,” says John McKenzie. “Unfortunately, exposure to terminal illness either directly or indirectly will affect us during sometime in our life. My father passed away a few years ago so I know how important it is that proper patient care and attention is provided at such a distressing time. The staff at Marie Curie do an unbelievable job.”


Links to fundraising pages:

John McKenzie

John Midgley

Trevor Sutton

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