Bacta donates £23,000 to seaside communities

The bacta Charitable Trust will make a number of £1000 donations to charities in various constituencies around the coast, where bacta members operate, in order to help those most affected by the current crisis.

“Even though our members and their businesses are experiencing extreme difficulties and uncertainty by losing their Easter trade, they are aware of many other people who are also struggling and have asked bacta, on their behalf, to help and support those in their communities who need it most,” says bacta President James Miller.

Bacta has contacted local MPs within the constituencies in order to offer a £1,000 donation to a charity/charities that they recommend. In addition, the Charitable Trust is offering an additional £1,000 to the registered charity Faith in Families. The total figure to be donated will be £23,000.

“We face an unprecedented challenge to our health, economy, businesses, and way of life and bacta wants to do everything it can to help seaside towns and coastal communities during this uncertain period,” says bacta chief executive John White (pictured). “Seaside resorts are in essence closed and are likely to be so for some time. Bacta members have no income and are unlikely to see any meaningful revenue until Easter 2021 and some may not make it. Nevertheless, I have been heartened by the desire by bacta members to play their part in the national effort, not just through charitable giving.”

Bacta will publish a list of the charities chosen by the MPs and the regions in a future release.

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