B2B market grows with new site for arcade attractions and more

Launched from its Australian base, ArcadeSold.com is a platform that allows owners and operators of out-of-home machines to find buyers. Currently, the site is looking to capture the attention of those “Currently sitting on good equipment with no easy means of exiting their equipment. They can now list quickly and easily.”

The concept is the brainchild of Jason Wallace, who has 29 years’ experience in the industry with companies like Timezone, Strike Entertainment, Play 2 Time Systems and most recently, Funlab. He explained that a key ingredient to any successful OOH entertainment business such as game centres, indoor theme parks and other operators of amusement games is to maintain a constant rotation of fresh equipment in their locations.

“Previous methods of purchasing or selling equipment were limited to getting in touch with your known industry contacts directly – a slow and laborious task, or via trade-in through existing equipment wholesalers,” said Wallace.

He added: “There has been a missing link in the industry for some time. This direct connection between buyers and sellers, anywhere in the world, allows for faster equipment rotation with a better capital result for the buyer and seller.”

While some of the platform’s early adopters are making the inevitable comparison to other well known global, online marketplaces, there’s none that specialise in the amusement, FEC and attraction industry.

“I believe that Arcadesold.com will result in a faster changeover of equipment as buyers and sellers can see available equipment in one easy to use platform. Couple this with geo-proximity, searching for games grouped together will save on freight costs,” said Wallace.

ArcadeSold.com works via a monthly selling membership model, but sellers can currently enjoy one month of free selling membership using the code ASPRFREE. (Code valid for use until July 30, 2019)

The seller nominates their sale price in a listing, but negotiation of the final purchase price is carried out by the buyer and seller directly.

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