Attraktion! launches new interactive attractions PlayNeo

At this year’s IAAPA Europe, Attraktion!, a provider of media-based attractions and turn-key solutions for entertainment and leisure venues, is set to give a first teaser of its newest invention Playneo.

Playneo integrates different types of game experiences, but also will be able to combine proven experiences by Playoke and Attraktion! to create a unique gaming universe. Its first product in the PlayNeo universe is Play Cabana, which allows small groups to play together using Attraktion!’s new interactive handheld devices called Active Shieldz to complete different game levels.

Play Cabana is the world’s first game platform integrating interactive devices and 3D motion tracking, which makes the whole experience more interactive and fun.

The platform affords three attraction formats and offers two games playable by 4 to 16 players.

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