Attractions, Amusement & Entertainment Asia 2020 launches online event

The Attraction, Amusement and Entertainment Development Asia 2020 Summit has announced an online event to explore how Asia’s attractions are dealing with COVID-19.

The second Annual Attractions, Amusement & Entertainment Asia 2020 Online Event aims to offer an unrivalled platform exploring how the region’s amusement, attractions and entertainment developers can attract and engage the next generation of visitors by creating exceptional seamless and interconnected experiences.

“Asia is predicted to be the world’s largest attraction market by 2020 in terms of visitor numbers and industry value. As both local and international players mark their territories in this competitive marketplace, commercial success will be increasingly determined by the ability to keep pace with evolving customer preferences in all facets of development including concept planning, IP development, technology investment and integration, digital marketing, outreach and engagement and more,” a company spokesperson explained.

On 2-3 June, delegates can enjoy two days of virtual networking, access to live q&a sessions, and join the event through mobile. They can also receive the presentations after the event.

Speakers include Mario Centola, Vice President International Operations & Business Development, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation; Sona Mazumdar,  Chief Partnership Officer, KidZania; Himanshu Mehta, Director of Strategic Alliances & Sponsorships, IMG Worlds of Adventure and Thomas Kozlowski, Principal & Co-Founder, Entertainment Development Group  (EDG).

Phil Edgell, President of Vantage, A WhiteWater Company and Phil Royle, Director of Development & Operations, Legoland will also contribute sessions.


Registrations online at

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