AromaPrime supplies immersive smells during Coronavirus lockdown

Theme parks across the country recently closed their doors to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to AromaPrimee, this has led enthusiasts to order the very same atmospheric scents used for their favourite rides to transport themselves back to happier times. Some creative fans have even diffused the likes of Dungeon, Candy Floss and Rotting Flesh in their living rooms, setting up lighting and playing theme park music – reliving the excitement of a day out from their own homes.Other attraction enthusiasts, meanwhile, have been playing games with AromaPrime’s smells to lift spirits with their families. 

AromaPrime recently launched a Theme Park Fan Collection, in collaboration with Thorpe Park, making real park scents available to fans. These include smells from the pungent Fright Nights events, including Creek Freak Massacre, Platform 15, Containment and the Fright Nights Cinema. Since this launch, AromaPrime has also added the original smells of some beloved closed attractions, including those from Camelot Theme Park and Pleasure Island.

Meanwhile, AromaPrime reports that its theme park scents are also being used for fun home schooling and to bring comfort to dementia patients at care homes by triggering memories from their pasts.

“With fans desperate to get back to parks, we have loved seeing how our smells are bringing them happiness at this difficult time,” said and AromaPrime spokesperson.



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