Arkadia VR Arena report on performance during pandemic

A recent report released by Arkadia VR Arena has investigated the  success of location-based VR during the pandemic.

Arkadia analysed the number of players for each Arkadia VR Arena Unit, as well as the average revenue for the attraction. The 6-month report covers data from May (when many clients were able to reopen) until October. Arkadia is currently present in the US, EU, Middle East, and Australia.

“Although the market was shaken and people weren’t as confident at the beginning of the pandemic that a Location-Based VR Solution would continue to bring a significant ROI, our results are positive, meaning that people still want to come to a family entertainment centre and enjoy VR,” commented an Arkadia spokesperson.

“We collected the data after the lock-down, which predominantly took place in March and April. The time frames in which the FECs were closed may differ depending on each country’s imposed regulations, some of them being closed in June as well.”

Some locations surpassed 2019’s results for July and August, going up to 110%. The highest performing venue reached 2514 players per unit per month in July, with the 6-player Arkadia VR Arena.

Breaking down the data from a revenue standpoint, May and June had a slow bounce back. July and August saw average monthly revenue reaching a high of 15.000 USD per unit per month. With the 6-Player Arkadia Arena, the highest performing location reached a total of 25.000 USD/per unit in July.

Arkadia is a location-based Virtual Reality solution developed for maximum efficiency and throughput for family entertainment centres. It is the flagship product of Inowize, a leader in the location-based VR industry with over 12 years of experience in developing interactive/VR/AR solutions and products for different industries.

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