Animal Party walks on the wild side!

Animal Party is a new two-person, animal-themed bingo game from Harry Levy. Players use skill and luck to light up as many of the red, green and blue lanes as they can, earning tickets and building bonuses.

The colourful machine features bold visuals and bright lights, with a digital scorecard on each side that allows up to two players to track their progress as they fire off balls to light their lanes. As they succeed in lighting each of the lanes, players are rewarded with tickets.

If a player manages to light up all 15 of their lanes (spread across the three colours), then the Animal Party machine will go into the screen feature — creating a dynamic experience that blends a digital element with the tactile, physical aspect that players love so much. In the ‘screen mode’, players are given various rewards of either 30, 10 or 5 tickets. And, if a player has all three Super-Bonus Circles, then they win the accrued bonus that is displayed above the screen!

“This exciting new two-person bingo machine uses a coin-based system in the UK, but will be fitted with a card-based system for the US and export models,” says Matthew Deith, director at Harry Levy Amusements. “The blend of the digital bonus screen with the ball-based lane system is sure to thrill guests and make a fantastic addition to any operator’s business.”

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