Anchorage public invited to speak up on zip line safety regulations

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is seeking recommendations from the public regarding the adoption of construction and inspection standards for zip lines. The department’s Mechanical Inspection section is charged with protecting public safety through the regulation of recreational devices such as zip lines.

Affected zip line operators, industry experts, and members of the public are encouraged to participate in a meeting to engage stakeholders prior to the development of industry-specific safety regulations.

Ziplines have become increasingly popular in Alaska since 2000, particularly in tourist-friendly Southeast and Southcentral areas. This growth, however, has proliferated largely without state oversight.

The Association for Challenge Course Technology, in partnership with the American National Standards Institute, has developed a nationally recognized standard for zip line construction. The department is seeking feedback from industry stakeholders regarding state adoption of those construction standards for zip lines.

The department is also seeking industry feedback and public discussion of the appropriate level of qualification for zip line inspectors. The Association for Challenge Course Technology Inspector Level I or II are under consideration as the official standard for zip line inspectors.

The public meeting to discuss zip line safety regulations will be held at noon on Thursday, July 12 at the department’s Mechanical Inspection office located at 1251 Muldoon Road, Suite 113 in Anchorage. After the meeting, the Department will need to decide if it should begin the process of drafting regulations.

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