Amusement Products announced as official distributor of Inowize’s VR Quest Arena

Amusement Products, a leader in the family entertainment centre industry, and Inowize, developer of the VR Quest Arena, announced they will work together on distributing VR solutions to family entertainment centres throughout North America.

As an exclusive distributor, Amusement Products will be responsible for consultancy, installation and technical support for the VR Quest Arena. The company will offer customers Inowize’s location-based VR system, a premium turnkey solution that is highly optimized and profitable for FEC operations.

“When Inowize approached Amusement Products, I was very impressed with their VR QUEST attraction. They not only created 4 new games with tremendous graphics, but they had also created the first 6-player VR arena. With over 58 years of designing, manufacturing, and supplying spectacular attractions for parks and FEC’s here in the USA, we know a winner when we see one.” says Dutch Magrath, the President of Amusement Products.

Inowize is present in the industry for over 11 years and has worked on more than 1000 projects, designing custom interactive/VR/AR solutions. The VR Quest is their biggest project and has pushed forward the standards in location-based VR attractions.

“VR Quest Arena is our biggest undertaking and our greatest project so far. We strive to develop truly amazing entertainment solutions for FECs, attractions that are business-wise and profitable for owners, but also very fun, engaging and competitive for guests. Amusement Products and Inowize share the same goals and ideals. Most certainly our partnership will reinforce our commitment to provide remarkable entertainment solutions and will expand the use of VR attractions in FECs. We are continuously learning from the industry, listening to FEC owners, and improving our products according to their needs.” says Claudia Mihalache, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Inowize.

VR Quest Arena is a location-based VR gaming platform that comes in two versions: a 4-player and a 6-player system, the later occupies just a 14’ x 19’ area, which has a smaller footprint than most 4-player systems. The 6-player arena increases the number of players per game, which boosts potential ticket sales by 50% per game. The variety of VR games (team-based, player vs player, racing), and the stunning graphics truly attract and amaze FEC guests.

VR Quest Arena has already been installed in 6 locations in the United States, the latest one being at Altitude 1291 in Oklahoma.

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