Amusement Logic’s new interactive kids’ water game Spinning Rain

Spanish manufacturer Amusement Logic has shared details of its new interactive kids’ water game, Spinning Rain. 

“In our opinion, the new Spinning Rain water game we’re presenting today possesses simplicity, strength, beauty and more importantly, fun,” said a company spokesperson. “At the end of the day it is a children’s aquatic game, and what matters to them above all else is that it will be exciting and entertaining.”

Spinning Rain is a mobile double-jet water game, whose design was inspired by the “Fontaine des automates”, of the Pompidou Centre, a joint work of the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely and the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Raised on a column at a height suitable for children’s play, the blades are rotated by the pressure of the jets at their ends. On turning, they pour circular rain onto the base. Perforations allow the base to act as a sump, so water can be recirculated within a closed circuit.

The game consists of crossing the curtain of water without getting wet, or chasing one of the jets, or letting yourself be chased by them. The rotation speed alters with variations in the water flow, so it can be programmed to make random variations and surprise the children. Through the use of motion sensors, there is also the possibility of getting the speed to change depending on the position of smaller kids.

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