Amusement Logic partners with KidzMondo for new SplashPads

Amusement Logic has partnered with indoor theme park franchise KidzMondo to jointly develop water play areas in the city-themed play facilities. 

Designed for children aged 2 to 14, KidzMondo offers ‘imagination and reality on a small scale’, giving visitors the opportunity to experience flying a plane, working as firemen, or being a healthcare professional, artist, scientist and more. The objective is to use educational, enjoyable activities to help children understand the adult world and strengthen their psychomotor skills, cognitive development, emotional intelligence and socialisation.

Spanish manufacturer and designer Amusement Logic has proposed the KidzMondo SplashPads as a new water game concept for outdoor areas. These no-depth water spaces will be designed around the Academy of Space, the City in Movement and the School of Art – existing themes within KidsMondo.

The KidzMondo SplashPad is a fusion of both installations, all in a safe, colourful and fun environment. The two companies expect water play will complement the existing attractions to make the KidzMondo city experiences a more complete offering. 

Four characters make the activities for children in KidzMondo more familiar and entertaining: Kozmo, a 10-year-old boy who loves sports, technology and adventure, especially those that can be experienced by the whole family; Ëena, a 6-year old “miss perfect”, a very curious girl who does not stop asking questions and answering them herself with deductive reasoning; Dogzilla, the guardian of the city, and Leeloo, a large and wise turtle, assistant to Ëena and Dogzilla, even though she is always sleeping or daydreaming.

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