Amusement Logic launches new whitewater circuit concept The Rapids

Amusement Logic’s a new attraction is an accessible, controlled and safe whitewater circuit: The Rapids. In combination with other water attractions, dining areas, merchandising shops or recreational spaces, The Rapids offers a new venue concept that is both a unique landscaping element and a stimulus for the local economy.

In contrast to conventional waterways, which are geared towards training and tournaments for experts and/or professional paddlers, The Rapids meets two objectives. It makes whitewater accessible to beginners, aficionados and those simply looking for moments of intense fun, and it also broadens the range of whitewater activities, without limiting itself to the highly specialised sport of paddling. Rafting, canoes, kayaks, floats, all have their place at The Rapids.

The Rapids is aimed at locals and tourists, novices and aficionados, as well as serving as a competition and/or exhibition circuit for professional and expert paddlers. Thanks to its spectacular set-up and the activity itself, users can share their photos and videos of their descent on The Rapids on social media with friends and followers. Combined with complementary aquatic facilities, restaurants, shops, recreational areas and other attractions for leisure and entertainment, The Rapids has the potential to become a landmark attraction in cities or urban destinations.

Seven fundamental principles have guided Amusement Logic in designing The Rapids.

Entertainment: the facility must provide a balanced level of enjoyment for both active and passive participants. We consider the users and spectators, the adventurers and their companions, the athletes competing and the spectators watching.

Adaptability: the rapids’ operation and characteristics must be constantly adjusted so that amateurs and novices can take part in the fun. At the same time, where necessary, they must represent a challenge and an experience of competitive excellence for experts and professionals. In this way, the whitewater park has an integral focus, which provides a balance and encourages a broad spectrum of visitors to participate.

Performance: this principle ensures the park’s efficient running from an operational point of view.

Accessibility: it is essential for the comfort of pedestrians, the public and participants to facilitate their movement and circulation.

Economy: The Rapids is a profitable business. In addition to maximising energy efficiency and minimising construction, maintenance and operating costs, it must attract as many people as possible.

Customisation: Flexibility in design is essential to allow for developer participation. At the same time, it facilitates its integration into the environment where it is located. To meet this requirement, we offer alternative configurations for the whitewater course.

Safety: guaranteeing the health and safety of those actively participating in the park, from the moment they enter the gates. As in all our creations, this is also the norm at The Rapids.

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