Amusement Logic launches new water play product SplashTrack

Spanish manufacturer Amusement Logic has shared details of its new water play product, the SplashTrack, an overhead track that combines the challenge of water and a choice of courses through the use of new technologies.

Users access the route with a safety harness that allows the free use of both hands and enables them to balance and jump from one platform to another safely, but without losing the challenge and excitement of overcoming obstacles. Users themselves choose from several routes with different degrees of difficulty: the adventure routes are bi-directional thanks to an intelligent system of traffic lights that regulates access. The result is a great autonomy for the adventurers and the reduction of supervisors to guide them.

In addition, the route passes over a SplashPad, with various slides, jets and other water features for the little ones, providing refreshing fun for both those on the ground and those flying over them.

The SplashTrack can be custom-configured in various ways and different sizes, according to space availability and project requirements. It offers a number of different combinations of game elements and theming possibilities. 

The SplashTrack requires a minimum investment of around 750,000 euros and minimum footprint of around 2,000 square metres.

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