Amusement Logic launches aqua play product Slide Link

Spanish manufacturer Amusement Logic has shared details of Slide Link, a modular access system for water play structures.

“The access systems to slides and water attractions are indispensable elements for this type of installation,” explained Amusement Logic. “However, since they represent not so much a playful but a practical accessory, they often go unnoticed. It’s a part of slide installations that is unappreciated. Our job is to observe our products from all possible perspectives, so we take nothing for granted. Nor do we overlook slide access or the steps between them. In fact, it is possible to also turn them into a playful element, to form part of the fun that children find in water attractions. This is what we have done with the Slide Link.”

Slide Link is a modular system made of nets with a supporting stainless steel tubular structure. The nets replace the classic steps, so that users have to climb or cross over them to get from the base to the start of the slides, or to pass from one to another. As well as the thrill of riding down a water slide, users will also find themselves on an adventure to access it.

The new Slide Link system allows free movement underneath and the incorporation of new interactive elements into the circuit, such as water jets at the base or the use of the nets to hang on to and balance. It also makes the installation more diaphanous and lighter, so that it allows the passage of the sun’s rays and vision through it. In addition, it increases the safety of the ensemble by avoiding hard surfaces and steps.

With Slide Link, Amusement Logic has turned a slide’s installation accessory into another of its attractions. Kids will be able to play either at ground level or at height. It’s an ideal modular system for the manufacturer’s Splash Pad,  Waterparty games or in general for children’s water attractions.

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