Amusement Logic creating waterpark and splash pad for Cascavelle Shopping Village

Amusement Logic has confirmed that it is creating a water park with a large themed splash pad and slides for Cascavelle Shopping Village.

The new additions are part of Cascavelle Shopping Village’s plans to remodel and move forward with an initiative to offer families a day out with a difference. The shopping mall sector is currently one of the most competitive and transformative, and the large number of centres that have been developed and the change in consumer trends (internet sales have increased exponentially), mean that shopping centres have to come up with ideas and implement new strategies to attract visitors.

Adding leisure dimension to traditional shopping elements is becoming ever more popular – with results to validate the choice. In recent years shopping malls have been complimented with FECs, indoor water parks, adventure parks, indoor amusement parks, indoor ski parks, and more, and Amusement Logic is actively participating in this type of leisure development in Mauritius.

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