Amusement Logic announces new play product Aqua Orbit

Taking universally-known children’s play staple the see-saw, Spanish company Amusement Logic has created a new product designed to add value and increases fun.

The Aqua Orbit concept adds water and a new rotation axis, in addition to the horizontal one. A vertical swing of ± 10º on the horizontal axis and 360º of free rotation on the new vertical axis determine the mobility of Aqua Orbit. For greater fun, there are six geyser-like jets around the latter axis, giving the seesaw game new interactive dimensions. Depending on the Aqua Orbit’s roll and swivel angles, the jets, also vertical, pass through the housing or bounce off its curved base. With a fall-proof height of no more than 60 cm and a non-slip top surface, little ones can climb onto the structure, interact with the jets, balance or move to one end or the other to overcome the seesaw on one side or the other. Spinning, swinging, climbing, balancing and avoiding the jets are some of the many possibilities offered by Aqua Orbit.

The product is constructed with a stainless steel internal structure, in conjunction with bearings, whilst the outer shell, including the seats, is made of 3DTech. A wide variety of colours allows for an even greater diversity of combinations. In addition, we have designed this new game, which combines tradition and innovation, for its incorporation into Splash Pads, although it can also be used in play areas in other facilities, such as water parks or swimming pools in hotels and resorts.

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