Alpha-Omega Amusements releases Redemption and FEC Report

Alpha-Omega Amusements, provider of amusement games and related equipment, has released its quarterly publication for the entertainment industry. With a focus on the amusement coin-op sector, Redemption and FEC Report #60’s stated aim is to be enlightening, provoking, and educational, providing news, raw data, and commentary.

“We encourage and invite all sectors of our industry to participate in this inclusive communication,” said Alpha-Omega Amusements in a recent communication. “As the industry continues to navigate life during a pandemic, we focused the latest Redemption and FEC Report #60 with an emphasis on how, and what, industry leaders are doing to re-open facilities. We also hope to bring a sense of normalcy back to the industry and brought back some favorite subjects: Top-Ranking Games, Hottest Merchandise and Tech Tips.”

To view the latest report, please visit the link below: Alpha-Omega Redemption and FEC Report

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