AAMA protests US game restrictions

The American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) has highlighted the fact that in US states where restaurants, retail stores, salons, and even state sponsored gaming devices are being allowed to reopen, amusement games and arcades are not.

“Knowing the diligent work being done to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the playing public by our industry’s owner/operator community, we find these continued restrictions on amusement games to be overly onerous on us, and inconsistent with other, similar consumer interaction devices and venues,” the AAMA stated this week.

AAMA has placed a call to action to its members to make their voices heard in the halls of their state government. It has provided a Statement of Compliance (link) with access to published on ots social media platforms and in industry trade journals. AAMA encourages operators to print this letter out, and add their own cover letter stating how the actions you’re taking within your facilities are in accordance with the recommendations outlined in the letter from AAMA.

As an industry, we understand how vitality important it is that when we reopen, we do so in as safe and responsible a way as possible.  We’re not asking for any special favors and agree to do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We’re asking to be treated in a similar manner as other businesses so we can start the process of getting our community, industry, and country back on their feet again.”

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