501 Entertainment to showcase innovations at International Bowl Expo

501 Entertainment is set to debut a new interactive miniature golf product, and launch its SMARTS Augmented Reality and Interactive Darts systems at the upcoming International Bowl Expo.

501 Entertainment will host interested parties on June 29 and 30 in booth #1236 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

These product launches are part of the UK-based company’s official entry into the US market following an increasing global installation base and partnerships with high-profile venue UK partners including Gravity Active Entertainment, Lane 7, and Boom Battle Bar in the UK, and Funlab in Australia.

Jonny Powell, 501 Entertainment CEO, said: “501 Entertainment is excited to bring tech-led competitive socializing to the US.”

“The product lineup we’ve assembled for the States will appeal to casual patrons, game enthusiasts, and location operators of pubs and family entertainment centres of all kinds.”

Given that miniature golf has been played in the United States since the 1920s, it makes sense that 100 years later, 501 Entertainment would introduce its reimagined interactive minigolf product at the company’s first trade show event on US soil.

Partnering with Greenspan Projects Ltd, a leading design and build company specialising in modular mini golf, 501’s interactive platform transforms traditional minigolf into a fun, social experience. Experiential features include automated stroke counting, interactive lighting, and a gamified scoring system that encourages guests try to score as many points as possible by hitting bonuses and avoiding hazards. Scores are sent to players after the game, so they can share their successes on social media. Automatic guest email capture allows operators to build a local audience of mini golfers.

Powell added: “With our cutting-edge minigolf platform, 501 has utilized technology to enhance key elements of a tried-and-true social game.”

“We’ve delivered a powerhouse attention magnet and money-maker for operators of any location looking to provide memorable experiences and unique reasons for guests to extend dwell time.”

Also making their American debut at the International Bowl Expo will be 501’s heralded SMARTS Darts products. Proven to increase footfall, guest stay time, and average spend per head, SMARTS Interactive Darts expand the audience for traditional darts by introducing automated scoring and easy to play, yet highly competitive games.


SMARTS Darts AR will make history at the Bowl Expo as the first Augmented Reality Darts game commercially available in the United States. Guests watch the game automatically keep score, overlay fun graphics presenting targets and lively animations through projection mapping, and even advertise menu items in real-time while gently encouraging friendly competition and social connection. SMARTS Darts AR is classic darts enhanced with videogame excitement.

Michael Harrison, COO of Gravity Active Entertainment, said: “501’s SMARTS Augmented Reality Darts perfectly complement bowling and the other activities we operate in our Wandsworth venue.”

“Given its small footprint, it really packs a punch in terms of utilisation revenue and food and beverage sales. Gravity has 6 lanes of 501’s SMARTS Darts AR.”

Powell added: “With the ability to record and share everyday life through social media, consumers are prioritising spending on experiential activities and are now more willing to invest in socially engaging entertainment that creates memories.”

“Many of the best operators are starting to provide experiences that boost overall guest spending, increase food and beverage sales, and create an energised, buzz-worthy atmosphere.”

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