£3.8m expansion proposed for Warrington Gulliver’s World

Pirate themed accommodation at Gulliver’s Kingdom, Matlock Bath
The Warrington-based Gulliver’s World site has seen planning applications submitted to create a unique resort adjacent to the existing theme park and hotel. If approved, the £3.8m development will create two new themed hotels; a fairy-tale princess and pirate ship.

“The plans we have put forward are really exciting and will be of great benefit to the local Warrington community.” said Julie Dalton, Managing Director of Gulliver’s. “Our current themed accommodation is really popular across all three of our sites, and the Gulliver’s Hotel is also busy with business stays and events, given the excellent motorway links to both Liverpool and Manchester. In recent years we have seen a notable rise in families coming for short breaks rather than day trips, we want to meet this demand and create something magical.

“We always aim to give back and support the neighbouring community where possible, we have made sure a huge amount of the investment will go back into the local area. Not only will there be a minimum of 40 jobs created, the hotel rooms will be constructed at a firm just a short distance away in Lymm, Warrington.

It is incredibly important to use local businesses where possible and this is something we always strive to do at Gulliver’s. After construction our in-house team will install and theme the hotel into the new resort. Wilderness Wharf will encourage families to get fresh air and spend quality time together, as always, we aim to have options to suit all budgets and requirements.”

Included in the development proposal is a change of land use to accommodate a resort including lodges and facilities such as a reception, café and activity centre.

The outcome of the planning applications is expected in April. Subject to approval, construction is set to commence in the spring/summer of 2019 and progress in two phases, taking between two and three years to complete.

Elsewhere, the family business are building on 40 years of success with another Theme Park Resort located in Rotherham. The site will be the fourth resort, and rapid expansion is currently taking place.

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