Mohamed Almulla steps down as CEO of DXB Entertainments

In a filing on 31 December, DXB Entertainments announced that its Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Mohamed Almulla and has appointed Remy Ishak as acting CEO, effective from 1 January 2021. Ishack will continue to serve in his role as CFO.

With over a decade and a half of regional and international leadership experience in the real estate and hospitality sector, Ishak has been the CFO of DXB Entertainment since April 2020. He will focus on ensuring the smooth continued operations of the company while the board of directors continues its search for a permanent CEO.

“Mr Almulla and the team at DXB Entertainments have created a world-class asset that has become an integral part of the UAE tourism ecosystem under his leadership. DXB Entertainments has transitioned from the construction phase to the operational phase and has achieved several important milestones. Mr Almulla oversaw the implementation of the company’s enhancement plans and completion of its hotel strategy enabling it to broaden its demographic and drive international visitation,” the filing concluded.

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