Hologate adds new licensing plans for customers

Leading location-based virtual reality company Hologate has added multiple new licensing plans as well as a credit card payment option to its systems.

These additions are part of the Munich-based company’s continued support of its clients through the pandemic, and its mission to continuously deliver truly future-proof VR solutions around the globe. Earlier this year, Hologate made two months subscription free for their owners to help ease the impact of the restrictions in place on their facilities.

Hologate’s licensing options now include an annual licensing plan with yearly payments, an annual licensing plan with monthly payments, and a pay-per-game plan using Holocoin, a secure and transparent payment method that is stored in the backend and is used similarly to credits in traditional arcade games. With Holocoin, operators will be able to incrementally monitor their system’s performance through a pay-per-play basis, which eliminates the commitment and financial burden of an annual licensing plan, especially relevant in these unsure times of restrictions and lockdowns.

In addition to the new licensing plans, credit card payments have also been added as an accepted method of payment alongside Paypal. The credit card payment option allows operators to pay for their license with Visa or Mastercard, in annual or monthly payments, as well pay-per-play with HOLOCOIN, with the annual and monthly payments having the option to renew automatically.


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