Semnox highlights Parafait as capacity planning and social distancing tool

At a time when FECs as well as indoor and outdoor theme parks are facing challenges in implementing social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of their customers and staff, Semnox has highlighted the potential of its Parafait suite of products.

According to Semnox, the Parafait FEC and Park Management System can be effectively used for capacity planning and implementing social distancing at FECs and parks. From pre-arrival to entry to exit, the system can regulate and monitor the capacity of the venue thus, adhering to social distancing norms.

Parafait’s booking engine, meanwhile, enables visitors to book entry tickets and any entitlements via the online portal or the app. Customers can also cancel bookings or reschedule their visit if required. The customer can then claim the ticket at the entrance using the confirmation e-mail or text message with barcode or OTP. Facility staff can also be enabled to book slots for walk-ins at the entrance thus, significantly cutting down on queues and crowding at the entrance.

Semnox’s XCESS readers installed at the turnstile or the XTER RFID tag readers can be used by the facility’s operations team to control all bookings. Tablet or traditional POS can also be used for entry management to ensure the number of visitors doesn’t exceed the capacity limit.

“The Parafait management system can assist parks and FECs to quickly adapt to the challenges posed by this unprecedented pandemic. In such difficult times, the speed at which businesses can earn the trust of customers becomes a crucial factor in determining how quickly they will bounce back. When visitors know that a particular facility has put in all measures necessary for social distancing, they will feel confident enough to have fun without worry,” says Kiran Karanki, CEO, Semnox.

Facilities can also make use of the Parafait Insights dashboard to help staff track reservations and plan accordingly. With Semnox’s digital signage, it is easy to display visitor count and safety information prominently at various locations across the park or center.

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